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Because Diamonds Are Forever
Original Biomedical Implants

Our Technology

Our diamond coatings are made for the next generation of implantable and external medical devices that need long endurance biocompatibility by eliminating the use of corrosive and non-human friendly materials, therefore, and improving the way and quality of life.

Benefits of Diamond Coatings

  • Extremely hard, smooth, durable, wear and corrosion resistant
  • Low cost production
  • Can be tailored to multiple applications
  • Bio-inert, hypoallergenic and 100% biocompatible
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Meet Our Team


Orlando Auciello

Orlando Auciello’s ambitious and accomplished career began even before 1976 when he achieved his Ph.D. from the University of Cuyo in his native country of Argentina. Through innumerable research publications, books, citations, patents, awards and speaking engagements across a global stage, Auciello has since established and proven himself as an authoritative expert within interdisciplinary fields of applied science and technology.


Elida de Obaldia

Elida facilitates partnerships by developing business plans including goals, timelines and performance measurements. She is also an accomplished fundraiser.

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